Strategy 2018: Endurance & Acceleration

During our yesterday’s internal planning meeting, we agreed upon several key points with respect to our league engagements and driver development strategy for Q2-Q4 2018.

Performance Development 2018:

With three new drivers having joined GCM in 2018, our primary goal for the 24h of the Nürburgring was to improve and harmonize the consistency level of all individual driver. Finishing 6th after 24h of (mostly) clean racing hours, this goal has been fully achieved.

Having all of our drivers on the similar level with respect to this main competence of endurance racing allows us to shift our development focus for the rest of 2018 towards the improvement of our driver’s pace. Thereby, each individual team member committed them self to our 2018 Q4 performance goal:

  • All GCM members belong the to top 30% drivers in selected Iracing leagues.

Speaking in more quantifiable terms, this corresponds to an Irating of >2000. This team goal aims to improve driver’s competence in competitive racing skills, general racing pace and stress regulation. These skills will primarily be trained during shorter sprint races and will be supported by driver coaches and telemetry analysis.

In order to concentrate our resources on improving driver performance, we will focus our attention on a selected number of tracks and cars. This shall allow each individual team member to gain in-depth track knowledge despite a restricted amount of training time available.

2018 League Engagements & Special Events:

We decided to be engaged in the following Iracing leagues:

  • Endurance Le Mans Series: 1 x Prototype and 1 x GTE team
  • VRS GT Endurance: 2 -3 x GT3 teams
  • VLN: 2-3 x teams (Porsche Cup & GT3)

Besides that, we will participate the following two 24h races:

  • 24h of Spa (July 2018)
  • 24h Le Mans (August 2018)

After the release of the upcoming Iracing schedule, we will agree upon a short track selection to focus our training on achieving the above-mentioned performance goals. Corresponding to that, we will run only a small amount of different car types:

  • Ferrari GT3 and GTE
  • Mercedes AMG GT3
  • Porsche 919
  • Porsche 911


Thoughtful Growth

In order to increase our race participation flexibility, we decided to increase our team by 1-2 new drivers until the end of 2018. The small amount will allow for a good integration of the new drivers into the existing team structure.


We are looking forward to an exciting and salutary racing year 2018!

Team GCM